Vodka is a popular alcoholic drink in the world. It’s preferred by many because of its tastelessness which makes it suitable to be mixed with other drinks. At the same time, Vodka is also an important supply to have for prepping. If used and stored correctly, Vodka can be used for a wide range of possibilities.

Vodka can be used as a medical supply. Just like other alcohol, vodka can be used as a substitute for isopropyl alcohol or ethyl in minor medial applications. Although it’s not the best alternative, vodka can be used in minor medical applications such as disinfecting wounds, rubbing on an area on the body to be cut or sewn, reducing the risk of infection, sanitizing supplies like needle or tweezers, and so on. Vodka can also be used as an analgesic for tooth pain.

Vodka can also be used to make tinctures. If you prefer herbs or herbal medicine, you can use vodka to create tinctures to preserve your herbal contents. The process is simple; fill a dark opaque jar with herbs, top off the jar with vodka and leave for a week for the herbal content to infuse with vodka. After the mixture has been allowed to steep, drain out the liquid tincture, and there you have you contents infused with vodka.

You can also use vodka as an accelerant. The high alcohol content of vodka makes it burn hot and quick. Vodka can be used in the place of lighter fluid. Though it won’t create a steady burn, it can be used to create a fire in the outdoors.

Lastly, Vodka can be used as a gun cleaner. With a bottle of vodka and a rug, you can clean your gun very easily. The alcohol will break down the gunk and build up that accumulates in gun barrels, and it will also clean the other parts of the gun leaving them sparkling clean.

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