If you have been reading up on prepping online you may have come across something called “The Dollar Store Challenge.” It is a challenge to buy a survival kit in the dollar store and spend a night out with it. It must have a cutting tool be able to boil water and provide two meals. There are some interesting videos available to see how people handled the challenge.

When I went to the dollar store with the challenge in mind, I was surprised by all the good prepping supplies available at our local store.


While several people choose a plastic picnic table cover, I noticed they have a 9×12 painting drop cloth. This light plastic will make a windproof water proof barrier if you incorporate it in your shelter.

Another thing you can use for shelter is a box of lawn and leaf garbage bags…these can also double as a rain coat.


You should have a good choice of lighters and matches at your store. Add in a candle or two to help get a stubborn fire going and you are set.

For prepping supplies there should be a large assortment of candles for emergencies.


We buy our storage water at the dollar store. The bottles are nice clear plastic that holds up well over time. Avoid the milk jug type plastic since it will break down over time and start leaking.


From cotton string to jute cord and polyester rope, the dollar store covers many of your cordage needs.

First Aid

Our dollar store has many first aid items for sale individually. You won’t find a good first aid kit here but you can find most if not all the things you will need to build a good one yourself.


The dollar store as lots of different food for $1. As far as prepping goes it pays to shop around and know prices because if you are not careful you will pay more here.

That said our dollar store has shelf stable milk both whole and 2% in quarts. I know this is $4 a gallon but the value of shelf stable milk is worth that to me. Expiration dates average about 9 months out in my area.

The dollar store is not the best place to get all your prepping supplies, but if you have one in your area it is a good idea to check it out and maybe get some things that the regular stores don’t carry.

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